Wednesday 7:30 AM
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Room: Ruby

Wastewater Process Optimization for Efficient UV Disinfection

Increasing risk management requirements along with other drivers including lower cost of process operation for well-designed and operated systems are resulting in increased use of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems at wastewater treatment facilities as an alternative to conventional chlorine systems. One of the most important factors in implementing UV disinfection is addressing upstream processes with respect to UV transmittance (UVT) and total suspended solids (TSS) because high TSS may cause a decrease in the disinfection rate, especially at lower UV doses, and large TSS particle size can result in tailing of the dose-response curve. Typically, the concentration of TSS (total weight measurement) is used to evaluate feasibility and potential performance of a UV disinfection system; however, correlations between TSS concentrations and UV performance are often inconsistent. Because the impacts of TSS on UV disinfection efficiency are fairly well-understood, it is possible to improve treated wastewater effluent TSS characteristics such that UV disinfection of secondary treated effluent is optimized through upstream process control strategy approaches. This presentation will provide an overview of wastewater treatment process modification and optimization options that can be implemented to enhance improve TSS characteristics prior to disinfection, potentially eliminating the need for expensive tertiary filtration processes that may make UV disinfection less competitive with other disinfection technologies.

Moderator:  Dennis Priewe


Kati Bell - CDM

Registered Professional Engineer in Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio
Board Certified Environmental Engineer

Dr. Bell is an environmental engineer with CDM with over 15 years of experience in research, selection, design and optimization of water/wastewater processes. Kati is CDM’s technical resource group leader for wastewater disinfection and much of her research is focused on implementing new technologies and improving conventional processes to meet increasingly stringent regulatory limits on  both water and wastewater disinfection across the country.

B.S. Biochemistry, University of Dallas
M.S. Biology, Tennessee Technological University
M.S. Civil Engineering, Tennessee Technological University
Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, Vanderbilt University

IUVA – Treasurer
AWWA – Disinfection Committee
WEF – Disinfection Committee