Wednesday 8:30 AM

Room: Ruby

Algae Control Methods Compared: The Importance of Successful Algae Control for Facilities with UV Disinfection

In Connecticut, with the changeover to UV from Chlorination for disinfection at some of the States Water Pollution Control Facilities (WPCFs), it has been observed that an increase in attached algal growth along with a proliferation of a dense population of "tiny" snails (Pouch Snails) is occurring in the UV chamber(s). The end result appears to cause an "artificial" increase in Suspended Solids in the final effluent, and at some facilities there is the need for filtration of the plant water in order to be able to recycle it back into the facility without maintenance problems. Many of the facilities with these snail problems had followed the CT DEP's recommendation to implement a brush device to control algae growth in the secondary clarifiers. A pilot to find a method to successfully manage algae and the resulting snail populations using spray control was later conducted at the Jewett City WPCF. The results of the pilot and other local facilities also using spray algae control will be reviewed.

Moderator:  Dennis Priewe


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