Wednesday 9:30 AM
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Room: Diamond

Ion Chromatography Advances for Environmental Monitoring

This seminar explores the latest trends in environmental Ion Chromatography (IC) applications. We will discuss new developments in IC technologies for the determination of anions and cations both inorganic and organic. In addition to chemistry solutions, new instrument features are designed to meet the needs of the environmental laboratory to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Moderator:  Lara Biggs


Aaron Rose - ThermoFisher Scientific

Aaron graduated in 1996 from Lincoln Memorial University with a BS in Chemistry.  He worked in the Chemistry field as a chemist working for RSR in Indianapolis IN for 3 years; and then went to work for Shepherd Chemical in Cincinnati Oh for 11 years.  While at Shepherd he worked as a bench chemist and then moved into supervision of the lab.  He is currently with Thermo Fisher as an IC Specialist for the past 2.5 years.