Wednesday 8:00 AM
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Room: Illinois

Regulatory Update on the Management and Disposal of Water Treatment Residuals Containing Radium

The US Environmental Protection Agency finalized the drinking water standards for radionuclide removal in 2000. In 2003, the regulations became effective and communities were mandated to meet the 5 picoCurie per liter (pCi/L) combined radium limit. As radium is removed from the raw water; and manifests itself either in the drinking water treatment media, or at a wastewater treatment facility, the management of these treatment residuals is the subject of new regulations promulgated by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. This presentation provides a brief background to the genesis of the rulemaking, the main provisions of 32 Illinois Administrative Code 330.40(d), and how the Illinois Emergency Management Agency is seeking to implement this rule. The presentation will discuss treatment requirements for land-filling, land application, field sampling, and data reporting.

Moderator:  Jerry Bever


Gary Forsee - IEMA

Worked at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in the Drinking Water Compliance Section, working on the Drinking Water Radionuclide Rule and developing compliance schedules with municipalities working to achieve compliance with the combined radium standards.   Moved to the Water Pollution Control Section working with NPDES permit compliance, general wastewater and field violations.

In 2007, transferred to IEMA, Division of Nuclear Safety.  Worked responding to radiological alarms at landfills and recycling yards, assisting with site decommissioning, the Bureau's environmental monitoring program, radiation instrument calibration, preventive radiological detection, as well as inspection and escort of radiological materials.  In December 2010, moved to the low level radioactive waste section of IEMA to develop and implement 32 IAC 330.40(d).