Wednesday 10:00 AM
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Room: Governor

Special Condition: CMOM Anticipating CMOM Requirements in Your NPDES Permit

For over a decade, operators of separate sanitary sewer systems have been keeping an eye on the U.S. EPA's efforts to adopt a Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Rule and associated requirements to implement Capacity Management, Operation, and Maintenance (CMOM) program. For several years it seemed like CMOM was dead, so why has it been showing up in some NPDES permits? This presentation provides some insight into why CMOM is showing up in NPDES permits and what operators should be looking for in preparation for CMOM requirements. It provides information on what goes into a CMOM program and what existing resources and tools operators can use to ease the burden of these requirements.

Moderator:  Dan Collins


Mike Waldron - Strand Associates, Inc.

Mike is the Discipline Coordinator of Municipal Engineering for Strand Associates, Inc. in Joliet, Illinois.  Mike has been with Strand Associates for over twenty years focusing on infrastructure planning and design consultation to local municipalities and government agencies.  He has performed numerous collection system characterization studies, evaluations, and rehabilitation programs including Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies, development of CMOM programs, Combined Sewer Operation Plans, and CSO Long Term Control Plans.