Wednesday 8:00 AM
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Room: Governor

Sanitary District of Decatur's Effluent Reuse- Building an Environmental Partnership for the Low Cost Energy, Industrial Water Supply and Regional Solutions

When a multi-billion dollar power generating station looked at siting their clean coal facility less than 60 miles from the Sanitary District of Decatur's Wastewater treatment plant, District officials explored the possibility of using reclaimed effluent for the Power Plant's water supply. The presentation explores the variety of options to supply reuse water from the Sanitary District of Decatur (SDD) to Tenaska's Taylorville Energy Center (TEC). The presentation will discuss how the existing WWTP configuration could be changed to isolate primarily domestic influent from industrial flows to create water quality more desirable for the power plant.

Moderator:  Dan Collins


Monte Cherry - Sanitary District of Decatur

Mr. Cherry has over thirty three years of diversified water resource management and facility management experience in water and wastewater projects and facilities across the nation.  Serving as Senior Construction Manager for Sverdrup Civil Inc. for eight years and Executive Director of the Sanitary District of Decatur, Illinois for the last seventeen years, Mr. Cherry has dedicated his career to serving the water environment field and has developed specialized expertise in the area of wastewater treatment plant construction, start-up, and management. Mr. Cherry’s experience includes specialization in organizational planning, asset management, capital improvements, labor management, succession planning, design  and construction of facilities, design reviews and value engineering focusing on constructability, operability, maintainability, and general efficiency.  In addition to design reviews, Mr. Cherry’s experience includes, systems design, design interface, projects controls, cost controls, project administration, claims preparation, analysis, and negotiations, value engineering, facilities start-up, operations and maintenance training, regulatory agency interface, and project closeout involvement in many water and wastewater facilities across the country.

Tim Kluge - Sanitary District of Decatur

Tim Kluge is Technical Director for the Sanitary District of Decatur, with oversight of operations and responsibility for regulatory compliance.  Tim has been at Decatur for nearly five years and was previously employed by Illinois EPA.  He has been an IWEA member since the association’s inception and currently serves as a Delegate representing Illinois in the WEF House of Delegates.


Gary Hunter
 - Black & Veatch Corporation

Gary Hunter is a process specialist assigned to Black & Veatch’s Water Technologies division and is a national recognized expert in disinfection.      In this role he, is responsible study, design, startup and troubleshooting of wet weather, basic level and high level disinfection systems within the US and overseas.   Mr. Hunter is past-chair of WEF’s disinfection committee.  During his time as committee chair he oversaw the publication of the WEF "Wastewater Disinfection - Training Manual” and the disinfection chapter in the 2009 WEF Manual of Practice 8 – Design of Wastewater Facilities.  He was also a contributing author to the 5th Edition of "White’s Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfectants.”  Mr. Hunter is also a board member of the International Ultraviolet Association.  He received BSCE and MSCE degrees from Brigham Young University and is a PE in Kansas