Wednesday 8:00 AM
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Room: Emerald

Water Well Solutions For Well Rehabilitation

How utilities are dealing with lowered revenue in these economic times and the innovative ideas and solutions that they are utilizing to repair instead of replace aging water wells that have fallen off on capacity. Highland Hills Sanitary District Drilled new wells in an attempt to increase their water supply after their old well failed without any success. In searching for answers they went back to their old well and a proven technology to increase the production of the well beyond where it was when newly constructed back in 1959.

Moderator:  Owen Keenan


Todd Kerry - Water Well Solutions

Todd E. Kerry is a graduate of the Northern Illinois University of DeKalb, IL and worked his way through College as a third generation water well drilling and pump installation contractor with Meadow Equipment Sales & Service, Inc.  After graduating, he spent 3 years in the field as an installer and drilling assistant on rotary and cable tool projects with Meadow Equipment and in 1998 he was promoted to a Project Engineer were he continued to 2009 before joining Water Well Solutions as a Senior Project Manager specializing in water well rehabilitation.  He also Vice President of the Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals being elected by his peers to represent them.

Howard Heil - Heil2O Water Solutions

Howard Heil started his career in the water industry with Burr Ridge, IL in 1973 and his company Heil20 Inc was founded in 2001 to bring cost saving technology to water utilities and large company campuses.  Millions of dollars already have been saved by extending the life of existing water distribution systems through the use of the company‚Äôs patented water hammer mitigation devices.  Now focused on developing two additional technologies, Heil20 has outsourced the manufacturing and sales of the surge suppression tanks to established distributors in the water industry.