Wednesday 9:00 AM
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Room: Emerald

An Experience of Recovering After Your Water Treatment Plant Is Flooded

The presentation will tell how the emergency activities of the City's Water Department in cooperation with the IEPA and community partners survived the next three weeks on a boil order which involved the following: 1) Notification and support of IEPA throughout the emergency; 2) Maintain water system pressure and water supply throughout the emergency; 3) Soliciting and obtaining community support; 4) 24/7 staff and response team efforts to reinstate WTP operations; 5) Satellite customer and major user coordination; 6) Equipment replacement and repair; 7) Regulatory requirements and sampling; 8) Post-flood follow-up activities.  The "around-the-clock efforts" were extraordinary in response to an unforeseen disaster which resulted in numerous first-hand experiences that will be presented as part of a "lessons learned" presentation.

Moderator:  Owen Keenan


Jack Cosner, Superintendent - City of Jacksonville

Mr. Cosner represents the City of Jacksonville, IL Utilities Department.  Prior to beginning his career in the water & wastewater fields, Jack worked in the commercial and industrial fields where he learned what is needed to assess a difficult situation and come up with solutions.  Jack began to apply those skills in the water/wastewater industry with the Village of Ashland, IL beginning in 1984.  In 1989, Jack took a position with the City of Jacksonville as a water plant operator, was promoted to lead man on the maintenance crew in 1997 and then promoted to Assistant Superintendent for the water department in 2000.  In 2006 Jack became the Superintendent of Operations for both the water and wastewater departments and maintains that position today.

John Calise, PE - Benton & Associates, Inc.

Mr. Calise has more than 30 years of experience in fields of water, wastewater, and storm water planning and infrastructure improvements. His experience includes infrastructure improvement projects related to water, storm water and wastewater; facility planning/feasibility reports; development of Capital Improvement Programs (CIP); development of TIF District infrastructure requirements, design and construction observation, including costs estimates, and permitting. Various engineering work responsibilities include hydraulic analysis using computer modeling; watershed planning and protection; preparation of construction documents; and preparation of permit requirements for municipal utility projects involving water supply development and protection, sewer collection/pumping/treatment and water distribution/pumping/treatment facilities.

Mr. Calise holds two degrees: B.S.   Civil Engineering, University of Missouri at Rolla, 1979 and M.S.   Hydraulics/Hydrology, University of Missouri at Rolla, 1981. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Florida, Illinois, and Missouri.

Jamie Headen, PE - Benton & Associates, Inc.

Mr. Headen has more than 18 years of experience in fields of water/wastewater design & operations. His experience includes serving as design engineer, project manager, and construction observer on various projects including water treatment plants, water distribution systems, rural water systems, sanitary sewer collection & treatment, hydraulic studies, facility planning, and grant writing/administration.  Mr. Headen is also an active Water & Sewer Operator in Illinois and a certified public pool operator

Mr. Headen earned a B.S. Civil Engineering degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 2001. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Illinois, Certified Public Pool Operator,  Class C Public Water Supply Operator, and a Class 4 Wastewater Treatment Works Operator.