Wednesday 10:30 AM
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Room: Sapphire

Natural Water Filtering

The purpose of this experiment is to determine how charcoal, sand and gravel affect how clean dirt water becomes when used as a filter. The control groups would be using no filter at all and doing nothing to the water. The independent variable would be to use different types of filters therefore not changing the quality of the water. The dependent variable would be a grayscale that you can compare to water in order to see how clean the water becomes after 10 trials. To conduct this experiment, first collect all materials and wash all materials. Cut the water bottles in half, and poke a hole in the bottle cap pointing out. Place whatever the iten that is going to filter the water bottole pointing out and put the dirt water and filter the water, make sure to do 10 trials. In the end, gravel worked the best, sand worked second best and charcoal did not really work. Gravel filters are able to catch smal particles in the water, and clean the water out.

Moderator:  Brian Hackman


Maasa Motoyama
Maasa (Marta) is a freshman in high school.