Wednesday 3:00 PM
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Room: Sapphire

Multiple Contaminant Removal Using Ion Exchange

Removing multiple contaminants from a raw water source can be challenging for many utilities. Dissolved organic carbon (DOC), organic color, arsenic, and sulfide are examples of contaminants that may coexist in many Illinois groundwaters that also serve as drinking water sources. As these contaminants are anionic in nature, they can be amenable to removal through the anion exchange treatment process. Anion exchange often has the ability to simultaneously and effectively remove multiple contaminants, which can potentially allow the utility to simplify its treatment train. This presentation will describe how the anion exchange process works, with a focus on pretreatment using a fluidized bed process configuration, and how it may be applied for the removal of multiple contaminants. Operation and maintenance requirements will be discussed, and case studies in which anion exchange is applied for multiple contaminant removal will be presented.

Moderator:  Ben Finnegan


Barbara Martin - Orica Watercare

With 15 years of experience in water and wastewater, Barbara Martin is currently a Business Development Manager for Orica Watercare.  She has a BA in chemistry from Boston University and an MS in geochemistry from Colorado School of Mines, where her thesis research focused on the effect of constructed wetlands on disinfection by-products and their formation.  She has previously worked in training and sales for Hach Company.