Wednesday 9:00 AM
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Room: Sapphire

Contaminated Water Disinfection Using Zero-Valent Iron Filtration as an Alternative to Chlorination

I am an AWWA Science Fair Winner; this is the short abstract of my project. The purpose of this project was to evaluate alternative, safe and cost effective methods of water disinfection using Zero-Valent iron (ZVI) and sand filtration instead of chlorination. The filters used for the experiments contained either sand, granular ZVI, micro-scale ZVI or a mixture of both. Sand filtration had an E. Coli disinfection efficiency of 26%. Granular ZVI filtration had a disinfection efficiency of 64%. Granular ZVI/sand filtration had a disinfection efficiency of 94%. Micro-scale ZVI/ sand filtration had a disinfection efficiency of 100%, which is the same as the chlorination disinfection efficiency. ZVI/sand filters are inexpensive, highly efficient and can produce E. Coli free water.

Moderator:  Brian Hackman


Alexander R. Gasca - Walter Payton College Prep

Alexander R. Gasca is a junior in high school. 
Alexander has been interested in Science since he was in grammar school. This work is a continuation of the work that Alexander did in a Science Fair for which he was awarded this opportunity to speak at the Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association Watercon 2012.