Wednesday 1:30 PM
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Room: Governor

Land Use Effects on Water Quality: Building a Framework Relating Land Use to Water Quality for Chicago River Watershed

To introduce a framework that enables a holistic watershed approach that models the dynamics of water quality and landuse in a highly urbanized watershed. 1) Examining the different types of land use and environmental informatics can reveal potential sources of contamination. 2) Analysis of the historical data records will explain watershed conditions identifying the major problem area and justify the modeling and post analysis procedures. 3) Land use impact on water quality in Chicago River watershed will be modeled. 4) Available water quality and quantity data from different agencies will be integrated into a single watershed Data Warehouse. 5) BASINS will be used to build the integrated framework. 6) A tool for predicting nutrient export coefficients that reflect urban land use allocations under different scenarios (climate change, post TARP, river reversal) using HSPF will be provided 7) A multi-objective optimization approach that investigates and locates optimum land use and load allocations

Moderator:  Ted Meckes


Naila Malhdi - Illinois Institute of Technology

Naila Mahdi is a PhD candidate at the Illinois Institute of Technology working under the supervision of Prof. Krishna Pagilla. she holds a Masters of Engineering in Hydraulic Engineering/ River Engineering and River Basin Development from the UNISECO-IHE Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Khartoum, Sudan. Her current research interests include:water resources, surface water hydrology, Watershed Modeling, water quality modeling, watershed management, data warehouse and data mining