Wednesday 3:30 PM
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Room: Governor

Otter Lake GIS, Nutrient, and Sediment Control

Addressing and mapping sediment and nutrients in the Otter Lake watershed required hands-on planning, a common sense approach to quantifying and modeling pollutant loading, and a targeted effort to implement projects aimed at reducing the delivery of pollutants to the lake. Site specific field assessments and pollution load estimates using GIS were conducted. Agricultural best management practices were identified and an IEPA Section 319 grant application was submitted. Recently funded, this grant is being used to engineer, design, and install practices such as sediment retention basins and water and sediment control basins.

Moderator:  Ted Meckes


Jeff Boeckler - Northwater Consulting

Jeff is a graduate of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) with a BSc. In Environmental Planning and is owner and partner of Northwater Consulting. Northwater Consulting is a small specialty water resources, geosciences and mapping company based out of Springfield, Illinois. Jeff previously worked for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) where he served as a project manager responsible for watershed planning efforts and management of watershed and biologic studies throughout the state.  He has experience in GIS analysis, water quality assessment and natural area restoration and has been responsible for managing a wide array of complex and challenging environmental projects over the years.