Wednesday 8:15 AM

Room: Sangamon

Many independent consultants have a unique set of skills or a rare knowledge that is extremely valuable in their respective industries. Unfortunately, this talent alone usually doesn’t generate enough business in the long term to survive and thrive. One ongoing obstacle that many independent consultants face is how to consistently develop business in today’s market place. Sales strategies, business development initiatives, and marketing though social media are key ingredients for today’s successful independent consultant.

In this thought provoking session we will explore:
How to leverage your brand. Identifying who you are and what makes you unique.
Getting noticed. How to position and market yourself without being pushy and aggressive.
Uncovering opportunities. Using social media to grow your network.
Nurturing relationships. The start of a project and working with a new client is only the beginning. The "sale” is great, but how do you retain and grow relationship?

Moderator:  Andrea Putz


Rebecca Doepke - Mondo Learning Solutions

Rebecca Doepke, Director of Client Services at Mondo Learning Solutions, has spent the past 22 years in training and development. Her specialties include:
• Employee development.
• The employee and the customer experience.
• Leading and developing teams.
• Curriculum design and development.
• The financial industry.
Prior banking experience has provided Rebecca with an insider’s understanding of staff education and culture change. Her diverse industry experience coupled with a high level of commitment to the frontline staff and customer service provides an invaluable service to her clients. Rebecca’s virtual design and delivery experience includes sales and service, business accounts procedures, and online banking sessions.

Dana Peters - Mondo Learning