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The True Cost Of Water - PSA
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The Illinois Section AWWA will be adding resources to this page  - check back soon.
In the meantime, the text of the PSA's are listed below.

Water Is Local focuses on the aging water systems and the local community’s responsibility to maintain its quality and safety.


Did you know that a growing portion of our water rates goes toward rebuilding sections of our outdated water systems?  Water pipes, pumping stations, and treatment systems are critical to water safety, and they’re growing older every day. 

There is no they when it comes to the water system we use every day.  The water system belongs to all of us as members of the community.  Maintaining the quality and safety of drinking water is our community’s shared responsibility. 

For more information on the true cost of water, visit



Two Systems reminds listeners that the system carrying used water away from a home is equal in importance to the system bringing the water in.

I ignore sewage.  I think most people do.  We don’t give a second

thought to dirty water after doing dishes or when we flush the toilet.  It truly is out of sight…and out of mind.  But I realize that my home has two different water systems: one to provide safe drinking water, and one to carry used water away for treatment. 

Yet it’s all one water, and we don’t want anything we send down the drain to potentially end up in what we drink.  To keep our water safe, there are many improvements needed.  Nationwide, the vast scope of renewing water and sewer systems costs billions.  Locally, it means a few extra dollars a month, and that is a cost worth paying.

For more information on the true cost of water, visit



Water Is reinforces the importance of clean and safe water in our daily lives.

Water is a cool drink on a hot day.

Water is a baby splashing.

Water is clean clothes and clean dishes.

Water is the soup a family shares at a meal.

Water is refreshing after a hard day’s work.

Water is integral to our daily lives. Water is life. Without water, everything else disappears.

Maintaining and updating an aging water system is a cost we all share.  For more information on the true cost of water, visit



Pay It Forward thanks past generations for building a reliable water systems.  But it can’t last forever.

I am grateful to past generations who built our community from the  ground up; those who had the foresight to build a future for me.  When it

came to building our water and sewer systems, they did not cut corners. 

That’s probably why our infrastructure has lasted as long as it has. 


But it can’t last forever.  We now have the opportunity to provide a better

future for our community by updating our aging water and sewer systems. 

By doing this, we will give our children and grandchildren the same

reliable systems we have enjoyed, we ensure their quality of life.  I know

that these improvements come at a price, and that it will cost me a few

extra dollars a month.  My family’s future is worth the cost.


For more information on the true cost of water, visit



Facts Of Life emphasizes our need for water.  Our lives depend on it.


There’s one thing I need more than anything else to get through the day. 

It’s water.  I drink water and use it in many ways, every day.  Our lives

depend on water, and it’s a fact of life that with each passing day, our

water systems grow older.  Some parts of it are now much older than I am

and in need of costly replacement.  I’ll always need water, so I’m ok with

paying a few extra dollars each month to keep enjoying clean, safe water.  It’s a fact of life.


For more information on the true cost of water, visit

PSA - Radio Spots

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PSA - Radio Spots
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Public Information Videos - How Water is Made

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Public Information Videos - How Water is Made
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