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2018_Tapping Entry Form
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With intramurals beginning at the Illinois AWWA Section level, water utility teams race to open a cement-lined, ductile iron pipe and install a tap. The winning team will then compete at the AWWA Annual Conference every June. Member Competitors who sign up ahead of time get a FREE Full Conference Registration and are eligible for reimbursement of $60.00 per person for accommodations.


Deadline for free registration is February 15, 2018
Sign up using the entry form at the bottom of this page
Once you are signed up, we will process your WATERCON registration and send you confirmation via email.
To download the Tapping Competitor Waiver - CLICK HERE


The Illinois Section AWWA assists with the winning teams travel expenses to the national competition at ACE. To see the travel policy for ACE - CLICK HERE.


ACE17 Men's Tapping Competition

ACE17 Ladies Tapping Competition

Competition begins at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, March 21st on the ground floor of the Crowne Plaza.




 Associated Technical Services    


View the 2017 Competition

Heat 1

Heat 2


Men's Division    
First Place Village of Arlington Heights Ryan Holthouse
Dave Nordin
John Preucil
Mike Ignoffo
Second Place City of Elmhurst Mike Grossi
Chris Dufort
Korey Epert
Bill Murray
Women's Division    
First Place Land of Lincoln Ladies Tappers Vee Trevino
Briget Schwab
Andrea Putz




  • First Place: Village of Arlington Heights - 1:41:43
  • Second Place: Moline Water Warriors - 1:54:35
  • Third Place: City of Elmhurst- 1:56:90
    Fourth Place: Westmont Crankers - 2:07:41
  • Women's:
  • First Place: Moline Water Warriors - 3:11:07
  • Second Place: Land of Lincoln Ladies Tappers - 3:51:84






  • First Place: Village of Arlington Heights - 1:35.6
  • Second Place: Moline Water Warriors - 2:05:7
  • Third Place: Westmont Crankers - 2:27:0
  • Women's:
  • Land of Lincoln Ladies Tappers - 3:40:1




    View the 2015 Competition:

    Heat 1
    Heat 2



  • First Place: Village of Arlington Heights - 1:39:75
  • Second Place: Village of Westmont - 1:53:97
  • Third Place: Village of Downers Grove - 2:41:75
  • Women's:
  • Land of Lincoln Ladies Tappers - 3:01:94


    Videos from WATERCON 2013 Tapping Contest




    Downers Grove


    Arlington Heights

    Madison, WI

    Land of Lincoln Ladies Tappers

    Lansing, MI Ladies




    Illinois Section AWWA will reimburse you $60.00 per night per person for contestants during the conference. You must pre-register for Tapping by February 12, 2018 and submit your hotel bill receipt after the conference in a timely manner for reimbursement. If you have any registration questions, please call the Illinois Section AWWA offices at 866-521-3595 x3

    If you selected “Member of a team” above, from which municipality, company, or place of work is this team?
    If you selected, "Member of a team" above, what is your team name?
    Do you/would you need assistance (sponsorship) with the purchase of tools, equipment, necessary to practice and/or compete?
    Do you/would you need a location, or area to practice?
    Not requesting housing stipend or complimentary registration.
    Participants can sign up to compete at any time including on site if there is availability and do not need to be a member. There is no complimentary registration or rooming stipend.

    Participants requesting housing stipend and complimentary registration.
    A full registration with meals will be given to participants as well as a $60.00 per night reimbursement will be granted to those who follow the guidelines below.
    1. Must be a current ISAWWA individual member or employee of an organizational member prior to Feb 15th deadline of early registration.
    2. Each contest allows one night stipend of $60.00 per competitor. To collect the $60.00, proof of the cost of a room needs to be emailed to the Section office with an expense form completed. It is preferred that we reimburse the employers. Participants are eligible for more than one contest and would be eligible for multiple stipends.
    3. Competitors must sign up to compete prior to Feb 15th.
    4. Competitors that sign up prior to Feb 15th will receive full complimentary registration with meals.

    Timely submission - All expense reports with receipts need to be submitted within 30 days after completion of travel. Travel expense reports are available from the Section office or utility required reports are generally accepted.

    Invited teams to compete that are not in Illinois.
    1. Teams will be given full complimentary registration.
    2. Teams will no longer be given complimentary housing. An effort will be made for those that commit prior to Feb 15th to get them into the block at the Crowne Plaza or Holiday Inn express. Teams will be responsible for their own travel and housing costs other than meals provided at the conference and included in full registration.

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