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NIU - Business Case
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Business Case

The purpose of the Business Case is to clearly define the project for the project team and the sponsor. When developing the Business Case, the Sponsor must be consulted in determining the essential elements of the project. The more information and clarity in the Business Case, the easier it will be to determine project completion. The signature of all team members, the Sponsor and the Team Coaches confirm the acceptance of the Business Case.


The Experiential Learning Center (ELC) can be described as student groups consulting with real world companies on specific projects. The ELC gives students the opportunity to learn how to solve real world business problems while working in a real business setting. Students are competitively selected through an application and interview process by the team coaches.

The Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association (ISAWWA) is dedicated to the promotion of public health and welfare in the provision of drinking water in sufficient quality and quantity. ISAWWA is proactive in advancing the technology, science, management, education, conservation, and government policies relative to the stewardship of water.

Overall Objectives

The ISAWWA leadership asked the ELC to tackle two objectives. The first objective is to develop a plan to persuade people to pursue careers in the drinking water industry. The second objective is to create a plan to increase membership in the ISAWWA. The ISAWWA leadership wants to have a better understanding of the interests and needs of the next generation.


The ELC team will perform and analyze:

1. Competitive benchmarking of web sites

2. Competitive benchmarking of online marketing/advertising activities

3. Outside industry of best-in-class web sites and online marketing

4. Recommend online social media activities to pursue

5. Recommend how to attract future members

6. Identify plan for implementation

It is conceivable that the ELC team may run into difficulties accessing certain information regarding secondary research of the benchmark companies. All scope items requiring information from ISAWWA are dependent on timeliness and relevance.

Project Staffing




Estimated Time Commitment

Danielle Mulcahey

Team Member


6-15 hours/week

Mel Walter

Team Member

Business Administration

6-15 hours/week

Maria Ziebinska

Team Member


6-15 hours/week

Patrick Straon

Team Member


6-15 hours/week

Rasika Dekhane

Team Member

Information Systems

6-15 hours/week

Cristano Miroballi

Team Member


6-15 hours/week


The ELC team is responsible for:

1. Delivering materials in a timely manner

2. Updating client through conference calls and/or email as appropriate

3. Providing a mid-semester briefing, final presentation, and written report to ISAWWA.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for:

1. Responding in a timely fashion to the questions the group provides

2. Staying within the scope of the project

3. Providing guidance and direction on the subject matter of the project

4. Providing access to ISAWWA membership database

Resource Requirements

1. Internet

2. Microsoft software for PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc.

3. Team members

4. ELC conference room and technology

5. MS SharePoint

6. NIU faculty consultants

7. Focus Groups

8. Educational classes

9. ISAWWA membership databases

10. ISAWWA member survey

11. High school survey

12. 2012 Research Results Region Illinois section

13. Appropriate ISAWWA personnel


The initial meeting between the ELC team and the client was utilized to determine the scope and expectations of the project. ISAWWA will be responsible for providing timely feedback to ELC members regarding questions, concerns, and comments.

Risk Analysis

ELC team members may experience personal issues that may hinder their ability to perform up to their full potential for a period of time. The ELC team had developed a team charter to appropriately manage all potential issues that may arise. In the event of the loss of a team member, the remaining team members will do their absolute best to provide the best possible product to ISAWWA.


The ELC team will provide ISAWWA with effective strategies for accomplishing their two objectives.

Business Case Acceptance

Sponsor Date

Coach Date

Assistant Coach Date

Team Member Date

Team Member Date

Team Member Date

Team Member Date

Team Member Date

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