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WATERCON 2012 - Wednesday Technical Sessions Evaluations
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Wednesday sessions are Potable and Wastewater Technical Sessions.

Sessions that are marked "Potable" and "Both" qualify for water operator renewal training credit.
Sessions that are marked "Wastewater" do not qualify for operator renewal training credit.
ALL SESSIONS qualify for Professional Development Hours.

Treatment- Potable - Sapphire Room
7:30 am - Utilizing Ultraviolet Disinfection in Drinking Water Facilities [EVALUATE]
8:00 am - Which Water Purification Method Best Reduces Bacterial Growth In Water? [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - Controlling Cyanotoxins by Oxidation Processes: Mechanisms, Kinetics and Implications for Water Treatment [EVALUATE]
9:00 am - Contaminated Water Disinfection Using Zero-Valent Iron Filtration as an Alternative to Chlorination [EVALUATE]
9:30 am - Alternative Approaches Meet Tight Time Frame for Iron and Radium Removal [EVALUATE]
10:00 am - Unintended Consequences in the Distribution System [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - Natural Water Filtering [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Evaluating the Impact of Reverse Osmosis Treatment on Finished Water Carbon Dioxide Concentration and pH [EVALUATE]
11:30 am - Filters for Clean Water [EVALUATE]
2:00 pm - Rockford Files - GAC Filtration Facility [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - An Operational Analysis of a New Lime Storage and Feed System [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Multiple Contaminant Removal Using Ion Exchange [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Radium Reduction Methods and How They Affect Your Residuals - Some Are "Hotter” Than Others [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Radium Removal - Village of Oswego’s Experience with Selective Adsorption [EVALUATE]

Operations- Potable - Emerald Room
7:30 am - Valves in the Distribution System [EVALUATE]
8:00 am - Water Well Solutions For Well Rehabilitation [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - Systematic Approach to Water Treatment Plant Optimization [EVALUATE]
9:00 am - An Experience of Recovering After Your Water Treatment Plant Is Flooded [EVALUATE]

Distribution- Potable - Ruby Room
2:00 pm - Design and Construction of a Major Conveyance Project for Water Supply in Northeast Illinois [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - Cost Effective Methods of Monitoring/Automating Flow Control Equipment [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Smart Metering is Metering Smart First [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Marketing Water Meters in Chicago [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Water Meter Replacement: Fine Tuning Your System’s Cash Register [EVALUATE]
4:30 pm - No-Lead Water Service Brass and Legislation [EVALUATE]

Management- Both - Capital I Room
9:30 am - Interactive Forum on Workforce Development - Strategies, Tools, and Resources You Can Use [EVALUATE]

Management - Both - Emerald Room
10:00 am - Building a Defensible Framework for Prioritizing Water Main Rehabilitation and Replacement [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - SCADA Reporting with Open Source Software [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Geospatial Data Collection and Field Verification for GIS [EVALUATE]
11:30 am - Distribution System Renewal: An Asset Management Approach for Valve and Hydrant Operability Improvement in Kansas City, Kansas (BPU) [EVALUATE]

Management- Both# Illinois Room
8:00 am - Regulatory Update on the Management and Disposal of Water Treatment Residuals Containing Radium [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - Capital Assistance Grant Funding Availability for Energy Efficient Projects [EVALUATE]
9:00 am - GPS-Based Maintenance and Inspection Management for Water Utilities [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - Empowering Operations Through Technology [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Using Notification Systems to Improve Internal and External Communications [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - Risk Communication: Dealing with the Public and Media Regarding Emerging Contaminants and the Lead & Copper Rule [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Overview of USEPA Emergency Preparedness and Response TTX Latest Tabletop Exercise Tools [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Cyber Terrorism in Illinois – The Cyber Hack that Wasn’t and What We Should Still Do About It [EVALUATE]

Watershed- Both - Governor Room
1:30 pm - Land Use Effects on Water Quality: Building a Framework Relating Land Use to Water Quality for Chicago River Watershed [EVALUATE]
2:00 pm - The Source Water Protection G300 Standard [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - Using the Source Water Protection Operational Guide to AWWA Standard G300 [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Case Studies from Source Water Protection Program Elements That Meet the G300 Standard [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Otter Lake GIS, Nutrient, and Sediment Control [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Atrazine Levels in Illinois Community Water System Drinking Water as Revealed by the Atrazine Monitoring Program Dataset [EVALUATE]
4:30 pm - ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Blue Green Algae [EVALUATE]

Management- Wastewater
- Governor Room
8:00 am - Sanitary District of Decatur’s Effluent Reuse - Building an Environmental Partnership for the Low Cost Energy, Industrial Water Supply and Regional Solutions [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - The Carbon Footprint of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District [EVALUATE]
9:00 am - Assessing Risk for Operations Reliability and Asset Protection at Six MWRDGC Pumping Stations [EVALUATE]
9:30 am - Managing Risk in a Multi-Phased Project - MWRDGC’s Stickney WRP Westside Imhoff Tank Replacement Project [EVALUATE]
10:00 am - Special Condition: CMOM Anticipating CMOM Requirements in Your NPDES Permit [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - Real-Time Wireless Monitoring of Key Customer Sewer Flow Meters Delivers Return on Investment [EVALUATE]

Labs- Both - Diamond Room
9:30 am - Ion Chromatography Advances for Environmental Monitoring [EVALUATE]
10:00 am - The USEPA ATP Process for Approval of Colilert-18 for Fecal Coliforms in Waste Water and What is a Number: Comparison of MPN and CFU [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - Enhancing Environmental Monitoring Using Total Organic Carbon (TOC) [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Measurement and Control of Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water [EVALUATE]

New Products - Both - Capital II Room
7:30 am - Parker THM Analyzer [EVALUATE]
8:00 am - CLA-VAL X144 Insert Flow Meter and X143 Power Generation [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - Ceramic Modified Epoxies for Protection of Steel and Concrete in Water and Wastewater [EVALUATE]
9:00 am - Decimeter GPS in Your Hand! [EVALUATE]
9:30 am - Cellular Technology [EVALUATE]
10:00 am - Real Time Measurement of Ammonia and Nitrate Concentrations Using the ECD HYDRA Analyzer [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - Biogas Economics [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Singer Valves PR-SM/Pressure Reducing Valve with Integral Back-Up [EVALUATE]
11:30 am - Motorized Torque Arm Reducer [EVALUATE]
2:00 pm - Pipeline Route Layout and Analysis Using mPathtm (An Integrated GIS/Access Data Base Evaluation Tool) [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - Storage System Technology & Stage II Compliance 3:00 pm- Extend the Service Life of Water Storage Tanks -- using the revised AWWA D102 Standard [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Extend the Service Life of Water Storage Tanks - Using the Revised AWWA D102 Standard [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Pressure Pipe/Water Main Trenchless Rehabilitation [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Low Maintenance Turbidity Meters - The Next Generation [EVALUATE]
4:30 pm - The Science of Mixing and Maintaining Water Quality in Storage Tanks [EVALUATE]

Disinfection- Wastewater - Ruby Room
7:30 am - Wastewater Process Optimization for Efficient UV Disinfection [EVALUATE]
8:00 am - Closed Vessel Ultraviolet (UV) Technology For Municipal Wastewater [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - Algae Control Methods Compared: The Importance of Successful Algae Control for Facilities with UV Disinfection [EVALUATE]
9:30 am - Energy Efficient UV Upgrade at the Arrowhead Ranch Water Reclamation Facility [EVALUATE]
10:00 am- Disinfection of Combined Sewer Overflows with Sodium Hypochlorite and Peracetic Acid [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - A Case Study of Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Disinfection with Peracetic Acid (PAA) [EVALUATE]

Conveyance- Both - Diamond Room
7:30 am - How to Design Against Long Running Cracks in Plastic Pipe for Water Applications [EVALUATE]
8:00 am - Characteristics of Thermoplastic Butt Fusion Joints [EVALUATE]

Young Professionals - Both - Sangamon Room
8:15 am - YP Breakfast: Business Development & Consulting on Today's Economy [EVALUATE]
9:15 am - YP Media Workshop
2:00 pm - YP Poster Session
3:00 pm - YP Poster Judging
4:00 pm - YP Social Hour

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