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WATERCON 2012 - Tuesday Technical Sessions Evaluations
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Tuesday sessions are both Potable and Wastewater Technical Sessions.

Session categories marked with "Wastewater" do not qualify for potable water operator renewal training credit.
Sessions marked Potable or Both qualify for water operator renewal training credits. ALL SESSIONS qualify for Professional Development Hours.

Tuesday- Technical Sessions

Operator Precon - Potable  - Emerald Room
8:00 am - IEPA Meet the Staff [EVALUATE]
10:00 am - Monthly Reports and Common Compliance Issues [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Water Company Disasters Not Found in the News [EVALUATE] 
1:00 pm - Selecting the Correct Chemical for the Right Treatment Application [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - The Permitting Process for Illinois' Community Drinking Water Systems [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Water Plant Monitoring Equipment [EVALUATE]

Small Systems - Potable - Springfield Room
8:00 am - Meet Your IEPA staff - Introduce IEPA Staff, and Question/Answer Time
9:00 am - Break (Exhibit Hall)
10:00 am - Work Place Safety:  Blood Borne Pathogens [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - Work Place Safety:  Trenching and Shoring [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Work Place Safety:  Barricading [EVALUATE]
11:30 am - Work Place Safety:  Confined Space Entry [EVALUATE]
12:00 pm - Lunch and Exhibit Hall
1:30 pm - Emergency Management, Boil Orders (Water), Emergency Outfall, ILWARN and Other Mutual Aid Agreements [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - EDMR:  Improvements Made [EVALUATE]
4:15 pm - Making the Internet Work for You  [EVALUATE]

Management - Potable - Diamond Room
8:00 am - Implementing and Managing a Large Water Utility’s Underground Corrosion Control Program [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - From Pencils To Pentiums: Implementing Your First CMMS [EVALUATE]
10:00 am - Asset Management in the Fast Lane for Water Distribution Systems: City of Houston (Final Report) [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - Enterprise Asset Management Implementation for Des Moines Water Works [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Practical(ly) Asset Management One Community’s Foray into the Asset Management Arena  [EVALUATE]
11:30 am - Understanding the Value of Wells and Pumping Equipment to Your Community [EVALUATE]
1:00 pm - Complete SCADA System Replacement: Where Do We Go From Here? [EVALUATE]
1:30 pm - Establishing the Potential for a Comprehensive Water Conservation Program Through a Network of Partners and Increased Communication [EVALUATE]
2:00 pm - Water Works System Planning for a Sustainable Community [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Practical Approaches to Fund Infrastructure Projects in a Tough Economy [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Benefits of Consolidating Customer Services - City of Rockford [EVALUATE]
4:30 pm - Analysis Paralysis: Making Meaningful and Strategic Decisions Using the Tsunami of Hourly Meter Reading Data [EVALUATE]

Research - Potable - Ruby Room
8:00:am - Implementing Water 2050: Free Resources for Utilities and Municipalities [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - A Unique Source Water Monitoring Initiative on the Upper Mississippi River [EVALUATE]
11:00 am -Don't Look: Microbial DNA in your Distribution System [EVALUATE]
11:30 am - Wells, Wells and More Wells: Muscatine’s Master Planning Addresses Future Water Needs [EVALUATE]

Engineering - Potable - Ruby Room
1:00 pm - Challenges of Small Site Construction: Access Limitations, Earth Retention Systems, and Other Site Specific Issues  [EVALUATE]
1:30 pm - Challenges and Lessons Learned From Establishing A New High Pressure Zone Within an Existing Water System [EVALUATE]
2:00 pm - Chicago Uses Hydraulic and CFD Modeling to Assess the Effect of Future Water Demands [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - A Needle in the Haystack: A Scientific Approach to Developing a Potable Shallow Groundwater Supply in Central Illinois  [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Trenchless Water Main Rehabilitation Design Considerations [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Lake Springfield - Spaulding Dam Control Structure Rehabilitation [EVALUATE]
4:30 pm - Water Storage Tank Design, Construction and Maintenance Workshop [EVALUATE]

Watershed - Both - Governor Room
10:00 am - Watershed Opening [EVALUATE]
10:15 am - National Perspectives: Proposed Federal Stormwater Rulemaking and Implementing Green Infrastructure [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Illinois Water Quality Standards Update [EVALUATE]
11:30 am - Illinois TMDL and Non-Point Source Programs Update [EVALUATE]
1:00 pm - DuPage River Salt Creek Workgroup Program Update [EVALUATE]
1:30 pm - Lake Decatur Watershed Partnership Update [EVALUATE]
2:00 pm - McHenry County Source Water Protection Efforts [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - Peoria Area Watershed Programs Update [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Fox River Study Group Program Update [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Open Forum Discussion and Closing [EVALUATE]

TEEX - Both - Capitol I Room
7:30 am- Disaster Management for Water and Wastewater (TEEX) [EVALUATE]

Energy- Potable - Capital I Room
1:00 - Energy Nexus Roundtable  [EVALUATE]

Water Quality- Potable - Sangamon Room
1:00 pm - Advanced Maintenance Flushing for Improving Water Quality in Distribution Systems [EVALUATE]
1:30 pm - Lead Over Time in Chicago [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - Lead and Copper Compliance at the Racine, Wisconsin, Water Utility [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Innovative Method for Improved Water Quality at Closed Hydraulic Zone Valves [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Let's Talk Iron and Manganese [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Monochloramine Monitoring: Reliable Analysis, Safer Drinking Water [EVALUATE]

Treatment - Potable - Governor Room
8:00 am - Balancing Ozone Oxidation with Disinfection Byproduct Mitigation Strategies  [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - Maximizing Chemical Storage Tank Life Venting, Flexible Connections, and Nozzle Design [EVALUATE]

Tanks - Both - Sangamon Room
7:30 am - St. John, Indiana, Raises Two Elevated Tanks and Reaches New Heights in Customer Satisfaction [EVALUATE]
8:00 am - Replacing Lakewood’s 0.15 MG Elevated Tank with a 0.5 MG Elevated Tank Using the Same Site - Overcoming "Murphy” and His Laws: A Case Study [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - Coating Inspection and Structural Deficiencies [EVALUATE]
10:00 am - City of Elgin Shales Tower Painting [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - Rehabilitation of National Water Storage Landmark [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Sustainable Water Tank Asset Management [EVALUATE]
11:30 am - Cathodic Protection for Water Storage Tanks [EVALUATE]

Collections - Wastewater# - Capital III Room
1:00 pm - Simple Device Yields Cost Effective CSO Reduction  [EVALUATE]
1:30 pm - Achieving Enlightenment in a Flawed World: How to Create Useful Collection System Models from Deficient Monitoring Data [EVALUATE]
2:00 pm - A Work Plan Approach to Long Term Control Plan Compliance: A Case Study from the East Chicago Sanitary District [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - Sanitary Sewer Master Planning - Village of Oak Lawn, Illinois, Case Study and Lessons Learned [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Planning for System Operations During Adverse Conditions [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Pumping Downhill Can Be a Good Solution: Unique Challenges to Pumping Downhill - A Hydraulic Transient Analysis Case Study for the City of Indianapolis [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Deep Bury for Ductile Iron Pipe [EVALUATE]

Treatment - Wastewater- Sapphire Room
10:00 am - Collaboration of Industry and Local Municipality to Achieve Industrial Expansion Through Wastewater Treatment Modifications  [EVALUATE]
10:30 am - Innovative Operational Strategy for Effective Nutrient Removal at Tulsa Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant [EVALUATE]
11:00 am - Effectively Converting Conventional Activated Sludge System to Biological Nutrients Removal Process - A Case Study [EVALUATE]
11:30 am - Biological Treatment Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs) - Chemical Analysis and Monitoring of System Performance During Start-Up and Normal Operations [EVALUATE]

Energy - Wastewater# - Illinois Room
8:00 am - Implementing Environmental Considerations in a Plant Upgrade: A Case Study [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - Co-Generation: A Viable Energy Alternative   [EVALUATE]
10:00 am - Energy Roundtable [EVALUATE]
1:00 pm - Pilot Study Results from a Demonstration of a Direct Drive High Speed Turbo Blower at the City of Plano Water Reclamation Facility  [EVALUATE]
1:30 pm - A Tale of Three Cities - Case Studies of Aeration System Energy Efficiency Improvements   [EVALUATE]
2:00 pm - Where Should the Biogas Go? [EVALUATE]
3:00 pm - Reducing Energy Costs Through Co-Digestion - A Practical Guide [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Aeration System Automation: Controls Strategies to Maximize Energy Savings at Low Capital Cost  [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - How to Make Your Collection and Distribution Systems Work at Peak Efficiency [EVALUATE]

Nutrients - Wastewater - Sapphire Room
8:00 am - Overview of Illinois Nutrient Removal Technologies [EVALUATE]
8:30 am - In the Eye of the Beholder: Performance of Nutrient Removal Technologies and Its Meaning for Technology-Based Effluent Standards in Illinois [EVALUATE]
1:00 pm - Maximizing Wet Weather Flows in Biological Ammonia Oxidation and Nutrient Removal Facilities  [EVALUATE]
1:30 pm - Technologies for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment:  Nitrogen Removal from Sludge Dewatering Liquor  [EVALUATE]
2:00 pm - Sidestream Treatment Overview [EVALUATE]
2:30 pm - What Are My Options? A Review of Technologies for Low Level Nutrient Removal  [EVALUATE]
3:30 pm - Nutrient Management - Methods for Upgrading Your Facilities [EVALUATE]
4:00 pm - Simultaneous Nutrient Removal: Quantification, Design, and Operation [EVALUATE]
4:30 pm - Iowa City Wastewater Expansion Planning for Nutrients and Flood Mitigation [EVALUATE]

WATERCON - Attendee

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