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Job Description - Splash Editor
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JOB TITLE - Splash Editor and Splash Committee Chair

The Editor will be responsible for soliciting and editing articles for each issue of Splash from each officer and committee chair.

Qualifications and Desired Skills
Ability to communicate and have a demonstrated use of the English language.  Access to high speed internet,  Microsoft word software.

Time Commitment
Approximately 5-8 hours 3 times a year or per issue.

Orientation, Training, and Continued Education Provided
Software provided by Association if required. 

Activity Locations
At home office of Editor. 

Duties and Responsibilities

This Committee will be chaired by the Editor and assisted by the Advertising Manager, both appointed by the Section Chair at the beginning of the Chair’s term with the advice of the Executive Director. The Editor will be responsible for soliciting and editing articles for each issue of Splash from each officer and committee chair. The Advertising Manager will be responsible for soliciting paid advertisements to subsidize the cost of the publication.

The Editor will organize the content for at least three (3) issues annually of Splash for distribution to the general membership on publication dates to be determined by the Executive Director in conjunction with the Section Chair. Deadline dates for submitting articles for each issue will be established at the beginning of each calendar year and will be at least thirty (30) days prior to the anticipated publication date.

At least two (2) weeks prior to the deadline date for submitting articles, the Editor will notify all officers and committee chairs of the approaching deadline. The Editor will follow up with each individual until either an article is submitted or the officer or committee chair has indicated that they will not be submitting an article for a valid reason. All officers and committee chairs are expected to submit an article for each issue of Splash. The Executive Director may be requested to assist in encouraging officers and committee chairs to submit articles in a timely manner for inclusion in each issue of Splash.

Following receipt of all articles, the Editor will review each article for grammatical accuracy and content, making any changes deemed by the Editor to be appropriate. The goal of the Editor is to balance making the minimum number of edits with expressing thoughts clearly with the minimum number of words. Edits are minimized to allow for individual expression and are made, when necessary, to clarify a thought or statement or to express it more succinctly.

Articles may be rejected if they are determined by the Editor, in conjunction with the Executive Director, to be inappropriate for the general membership of the Section. In particular, articles will be rejected if they are determined to be purely a sales piece for products or services. Articles may be resubmitted if they are neutralized so that they are not considered to be a promotion for any particular company or for a specific product of a company.

All edited articles will be forwarded to the Executive Director within one (1) week of the submission deadline date. The Executive Director will coordinate layout and printing of each issue of Splash, and will be solely responsible for the final article and advertisement placement.


Guidance on Submittals

There is no maximum or minimum length requirement for articles. A maximum of 2000 words is suggested. The subject of articles may be anything of interest to the general membership of the Section. Articles submitted by committee chairs may focus on the past and future activities of that committee. Articles submitted by companies should be general in nature and informative to the general membership. One reference to a company or product is acceptable. Numerous references to a specific product or company are considered advertising. Such articles may be either revised or published as advertisements with applicable fees applied.



10-31-13  - As presented at ISAWWA Board Meeting 
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