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Presenter Agreement
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WATERCON 2014 - Copyright Approval - Illinois Section American Water Works Association
Illinois Section AWWA (ISAWWA)


It is the policy of ISAWWA to obtain prior approval from speakers to reproduce and distribute their papers presented for Illinois Section AWWA. It is also the policy to safeguard the Association against violation of existing copyrights that the authors may choose to obtain on their work. To do so, we must obtain a written release and waiver of any existing copyright ownership from all speakers and authors involved via signature of the speaker and/or principal author on this form.


The principal author warrants and represents that he/she is responsible for and represents all of the authors (including all of the speakers who will make presentation) of the work identified below. The "Work” includes the electronic presentation thereof and the written version thereof to be submitted. The principal author further warrants and represents that he/she is the sole owner of the Work and of all copyrights pertaining to the Work and the Work is the original creation of the author and is not copied from any other work.

In consideration of this agreement to provide an audience and platform for the oral presentation of the Work, the author/speaker hereby:

(i) grants permission to ISAWWA to distribute the electronic PDF version of the presentation of the Work, as desired by ISAWWA and

(ii) assigns to ISAWWA the right to reproduce, publish, and disseminate the PDF version of the Work.

IN ACCORDANCE WITH ASSOCIATION POLICY, WE REQUEST THAT YOU REFRAIN FROM OVERT OR EXTENSIVE COMMERCIALISM DURING YOUR PRESENTATION. It is also requested that presenters conduct themselves in a professional manner when referring to other persons, companies, or organizations in any part of their presentations.

Such waiver and assignment includes, but is not limited to, the right to protect the Work, to reproduce it, and to disseminate it, either alone or collectively with other works, in whatever fashion ISAWWA deems fit. Publication and reproduction may take any form, including but not limited to, printed, visual, or digital media.

The undersigned author and all co-authors retain the right to revise, adapt, prepare derivative, present orally, or distribute the work for the personal non-commercial benefit of the author(s) subject to other contractual agreements between co-authors and their employers.

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