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Questions for Lisa - items for future consideration
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1 - I thought there was a list of facilities,  contact name,  capacity and av for seminars?  Where could that be found?

2 - power point self teaching slides for 30 minutes approx 10 slides - to send  to moderators for when they run short of time. Use these slides.

3 - are we sending certifications or recognition to those that complete all 3 high tech courses?   We should have a page on the website where we highlight those people.

4 -tour of chicago south plant should have credit?  why not?   What would it take to add a short educational component that would then qualify for the entire tour time?

5 - archived webinars that are more than one hour need to have a higher price than the one hour webinars such as the drought workshop and small systems that are listed.

6 - training book printed copy - - it seems as though there are areas specifically for seminars that are redundant.  A listing of seminars by date and then another listing of seminars by date.   Also is it necessary for you to figure out what day of the week a seminar is on?  It would seem to me to be one more way of making an error.  If the operator cannot look up on their calendar the day of the week, then they should not be operating a water plant.   How many faxed forms do we get anymore from the paper copies?   We need to evaluate it every year or more. 

7.  TCON Costs - confirm all in writing next year?  You may have this somewhere, I couldn't find it.

8. - did we stop putting indication of member vs non member on check in sheets?  Maybe put the member type on it - would be nice for people to know as well as the opener officer for followup


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