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SPM - Job Descriptions - Chair
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Duties and Responsibilities of Officers and Trustees




Term and Qualifications:  The Chair of the Illinois Section AWWA will serve a one-year term that commences on the last day of the annual ISAWWA conference and terminates on the last day of the annual conference of the subsequent year, or on the date his or her successor is installed as Chair, whichever is later.  Prior to being installed as Chair, the candidate will have served one year as Chair-Elect, or meet other criteria set forth in the Section Bylaws.


General Duties:  The Chair will conduct the affairs of the Section in accordance with the Section’s Standard Practices Manual [TM1] and will work with the Section Director [TM2] and Executive Director to ensure that the goals and objectives established by AWWA and by the Section are diligently pursued and that AWWA directives are followed.  The Chair will represent the Section and will be its spokesperson on matters of principle, policy, and objectives which may be established by the Board in accordance with the Bylaws of the Section.


Specific Duties:  The Chair will

·       Preside at a minimum of five (5) meetings of the Executive Board in accordance with the schedule of meetings established at the beginning of his or her term.  These meetings are typically held in April, in June, or July, in September or October, in January or February, and on the day preceding the subsequent year’s annual conference. 

·       Provide input to the Executive Director on the development of the schedule of Board meetings for the year, the locations, and the agenda for each meeting.

·       Preside at the general sessions of the annual meeting.

·       Appoint (or reappoint) all committee chairs, consulting with the Executive Director, Association officers or trustees, as appropriate, and announce the appointments at the meeting of the Executive Board held on the first day of the annual conference.  .

·       Conduct a strategic planning meeting or review within 30 days after taking office to review and revise the current goals and objectives of each committee, and work with the appropriate  Committee Chair, Staff or Executive Director to ensure that the goals and objectives established for each committee are being diligently pursued.

·       Conduct periodic strategic planning meetings with members of the Executive Board to review the Section’s Strategic Plan and to review and revise the current goals and objectives of the Section.

·       Replace committee chairs who do not diligently pursue the goals and objectives of the committee and of the Section.

·       Advise members of the Executive Board if they are not fulfilling the obligations of their position; when necessary, recommend that a member of the Executive Board be asked to resign and be replaced in accordance with the Bylaws of the Section.[TM3] 

·       Represent the Section in as many water industry related events as possible, including the Officers meetings during the AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition, the AWWA Regional Officers’ Meeting;  AWWA Summer Workshop, Illinois Section AWWA Breakfast  and other Section meetings.

·       Attend the Illinois Section Lobby Day in Springfield, and assist the Chair of the Water Utility Council to encourage participation in Lobby Day by other officers, trustees and members of the Illinois Section.

·       Prepare a column/report for each issue of SPLASH published during the Chair’s term of office, and submit the article in a timely manner to the Editor of SPLASH in accordance with the publication schedule.

·       Perform any other duties which are necessary to promote the objectives of AWWA and the Illinois Section and any actions which are directed by the Executive Board as being in the best interests of the Section.

·       Assist the Chair-Elect to be prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of the position of Chair.

·       Assist the Executive Director and Staff in volunteer recognition by providing personal feedback to volunteers to show appreciation

·       Participate in Committee Conference calls and meetings to provide feedback and guidance

·       Provide officer greeting at educational events when geographically convenient

·       Assist in the presentation of awards at Awards Breakfast during WATERCON

·       Chair the Executive Director review committee and conduct review of Executive Director on an annual basis,



Minimum Time Commitment

4 In  person Board meetings per year -  4 days

1 Board conference call – 4 hours

4 Committee Conference calls per month – 4 hours per month

Attend Illinois Section AWWA Visitation Day – 2 days


Optimum Time Commitment

Same as minimum plus additional as listed below.
Attend Regional Officers Meeting – 3 days

Attend Summer Workshop Meeting – 3 days

Attend one affiliated organization conference – Rural Water, IPWSOA, other Section Conference – 2 days

Attend ACE officer meetings – 4 hours

Phone consultations with Executive Director – 2-3 hours month

Provide opening greeting at Education Event – 2 times a year – 3 hours

Collaborate with regulating agency’s IEPA, IDPH regarding issues related to water industry


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