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E-Splash February 2014 - Small Systems
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Illinois Section AWWA - E-Splash -  February 2014


Small Systems Committee
Jon Meyer, Chair

In early December, 2013, Mary Clare Jalonick of the Associated Press wrote an article discussing how rural America is becoming less relevant. The article cites a declining population in rural areas resulting in less representation in Congress and, subsequently, Congress not understanding farm issues. We hear a lot of press about organic products, but most families cannot afford these costly substitutes to the staples coming out of rural America. The communication gap between rural America and the metropolitan areas continues to widen, even though most of our food supply, energy and recreational activities come from rural areas.

The Small Systems Committee is committed to providing a voice and representing small systems which are mostly located in rural areas. Some of the tools we currently use are voicing concerns we are aware of, and providing knowledge to small system operators for them to perform their duties more knowledgeably. Some of the formats we use are discussed below.

Operator’s Day at WATERCON is a great place to rub shoulders with other operators throughout the State, as well as to see the many products available to help you perform your job. You will gain valuable knowledge by attending for just one day. The Small Systems Committee hosts a program on Operator’s Day at WATERCON where we discuss and present nuts-and-bolts information with topics following the theme of providing practical advice and knowledge to operators.

The Small Systems Committee also stays on top of current water management issues and challenges throughout the year. Some links that provide useful general information to operators and managers alike are as follows:

· AWWA Small System Outreach Services Committee (SSOSC) which is a working committee under AWWA’s Small Systems Division. The SSOSC link ( provides information on all of the following topics:

  • Financial and Management Planning
  • Certification/Operator Training
  • Security/Emergency Response
  • Capacity Development
  • Rules and Regulations/Understanding of Risks
  • Consumer Relations/Involvement/Education
  • Sustainability
  • Board Training/Management Issues
  • Contract Operators is a free service that provides easy to find resources and information to support water and wastewater operators. Periodically, videos are also posted to the home page. I encourage you to check out the video shown at the time of writing. This video was produced by RCAP and features Bud Mason. It is titled "The Importance of a Water Operator in a Community’s Water System,” and is directed to providing information to decision makers of water systems.

I encourage all of the Section’s small system operators to continue to develop and to maintain dialogue with your Small Systems Committee. We can direct you to general information that is freely available, or to where to find information on more specific needs. Just because you are a small system or small system operator does not mean you lack representation in AWWA. Please feel free to contact me, Jon Meyer, at if you would like more information about our Committee. Or visit our webpage at, and contact any one of our members directly. We are here to listen to your voice.

Sample Ordinances, Resolutions and Agreements

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If you have a sample ordinance, resolution or agreement you would like added to this collection, please email it to All private information will be removed and it will be added for sharing among members. Please feel free to download any of the documents you see below.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Lease Agreement - Tricom and City of Batavia DOC (27 KB) Administration 2/6/2012
Council Memo - Tricom and City of Batavia DOC (21 KB) Administration 2/6/2012
Resolution - Tricom and City of Batavia DOC (25 KB) Administration 2/6/2012

Small systems

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Small Systems resources, documents and photos.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Private Well Class information PDF (176.43 KB)  more ] Administration 11/20/2012


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Splash Winter 2018 PDF (11.35 MB)  more ] Administration 2/8/2018
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