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Presenter Agreement & Contact Info
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Illinois Section AWWA Seminar / Webinar Presenter Agreement
Please review the speaker agreement below, update your contact info at the bottom of this page, and provide your electronic signature.

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ISAWWA would like to obtain prior approval from presenters and authors to review in advance, reproduce, and distribute their papers presented at an ISAWWA sponsored seminar / webinar. It is also the policy to safeguard the Association against violation of existing copyrights that the authors may choose to obtain on their work. To do so, we must obtain a written release and waiver of any existing copyright ownership from all presenters and authors involved via signature of the principal presenter / author on this form.

1. Presentation will focus on education, not sales of a proprietary item or service. (does not apply to Engineering Power-Hour Webinars)

2. Presentation, both written and verbal portions, will NOT speak negatively of competitor’s items, processes, or services, and presenter will conduct themselves in a professional manner when referring to other persons, companies, or organizations in any part of their presentation. Illinois Section AWWA will NOT tolerate any anonymous or named references to competitors during a presentation. Failure to  meet these expectations will result in expulsion from any future presentations.

3. Presenter will provide an electronic version of their presentation in power point format at least one week in advance of their first presentation for review and comment. This is to review for bias information and/or sales promotional information (Engineering Power-Hour Webinar content may include sales promotional information). The Presenter also grants permission for ISAWWA to distribute the electronic PDF version of the presentation of the Work, as desired by ISAWWA and assigns to ISAWWA the right to reproduce, publish, and disseminate the PDF version of the Work.

4. Presenter is encouraged to advertise their company in an acceptable method, such as using their marketing items as prizes for class involvement, or other means of integrating their items into the event.

5. Principal Presenter / Author warrants and represents that he/she is responsible for and represents all of the presenters/authors of the work identified below. The "Work” includes the electronic presentation thereof and the written version thereof to be submitted. The principal presenter / author further warrants and represents that he/she is the sole owner of the Work and of all copyrights pertaining to the Work and the Work is the original creation of the author and is not copied from any other work.

The undersigned author and all co-authors retain the right to revise, adapt, prepare derivative, present orally, or distribute the work for the personal non-commercial benefit of the author(s) subject to other contractual agreements between co-authors and their employers.

Webinar Speaker Ageement
This Speaker Agreement is between Illinois Section AWWA (ISAWWA) and the Speaker. The purpose of this Speaker Agreement is to define the terms and conditions under which the speaker will perform services and deliver presentations for the scheduled webinar.

1. Stacey Ramsey is hereby designated as Illinois Section AWWA’s Education Coordinator with respect to the webinar and this Speaker Agreement. Except as otherwise directed by ISAWWA, all communications, submittals, and deliverables shall be directed to her as follows:
Stacey Ramsey
Illinois Section AWWA, Education Coordinator
545 S. Randall Road, St. Charles, IL 60174
866-521-3595 ext 2

2. The Speaker is providing services under this Speaker Agreement solely as a volunteer and not as an agent, representative, employee, or in any other capacity. The Speaker is solely responsible for his/her own performance under this Speaker Agreement, and shall not make any representations or warranties, or purport to incur any obligations, on behalf of ISAWWA. Speaker is not entitled to any workers compensation, insurance, or other employee related benefits from ISAWWA.

3. The Speaker shall not discuss or advertise its products or services with webinar attendees during the training, instruction, or presentation sessions. (does not apply to Engineering Power-Hour Webinars)

4. The Speaker warrants that all information the speaker gives in the process of delivering the presentation does not contain any false, inaccurate, libelous or obscene material, injurious formulae, recipes, or instructions, and will not invade or violate any right of privacy, publicity, proprietary right, or intellectual property right, and will not violate any laws.

5. The speaker represents and warrants that all presentations are original works created solely by the speaker, except for public domain material that may be incorporated therein. To the extent that the presentations contain any material or excerpt from the works of others, the speaker shall ensure that the same is done with full right and authority, and may be reused as contemplated in this Speaker Agreement. It is the speaker’s obligation to obtain all necessary releases, waivers, licenses, and other permission required for the full performance of Speaker’s obligations under this Speaker Agreement.

6. ISAWWA shall be the owner of all intellectual property rights embodied in the presentation. The speaker assigns exclusively to ISAWWA all right, title, and interest in and to the presentations, including all copyrights embodied therein. As the owner of the rights to the presentations, ISAWWA shall not be restricted from any activity with respect to the presentations. The speaker hereby grants ISAWWA the right to publicize the speaker’s development of the presentations, with the full right to publish and publicize the speaker’s professional biography and photograph.

7. ISAWWA in turn hereby grants to the speaker, the speaker’s employer, a nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, and distribute the work, provided that the presentations are not used in a publicly available training or other educational event without written permission from ISAWWA, and in each print or electronic copy shall include the following copyright notice: Copyright © 2009 Illinois Section American Water Works Association. All rights reserved.

This Speaker Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of ISAWWA and the Speaker with respect to the speaker’s presentation at the webinar. The parties mutually accept and agree to the terms set forth above, as evidenced by their electronic signature below:

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