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Today’s business environment demands informed decision making and control over your water utility management. It’s essential you efficiently manage your operations, conserve water and energy, provide superior customer service, and achieve regulatory compliance—all while continuing to control revenue and resources.
The more challenges you face, the more you need a reliable and knowledgeable partner who can supply you with durable and accurate metering hardware, and powerful yet adaptable technology solutions that give you greater visibility to timely, meaningful information. 
Baxter & Woodman concentrates on the planning, design and construction of public infrastructure (Roadways/Highways, Water/Wastewater, Water Resources/Stormwater, Technology-related Controls/Automation, and more).
We are focused on building community value for clients we serve through clean water, safe roads and reliable wastewater treatment..
  CDM Smith provides lasting and integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities to public and private clients worldwide. As a full-service engineering and construction firm, we deliver exceptional client service, quality results and enduring value across the entire project life cycle. Our client base focuses on government and industry. The firm is distinguished by our leadership and flexibility in design-build and alternative delivery approaches for environmental and infrastructure projects. 
For over 90 years, Ciorba Group has provided comprehensive engineering solutions for water resources, transportation, structural, municipal, and construction projects. We deliver people-first engineering solutions that add value to communities, solve real-word problems and improve lives; meeting the needs of our clients and making their jobs easier.  At Ciorba, we’ve built our community to better serve yours. 
Fresh water supply and quality issues around the globe are rapidly changing how we manage our water and energy resources. Water professionals have adopted a more holistic approach to managing the impacts of people, land use, and the built environment on our fresh water supply. This approach poses new and unexplored challenges for water managers as they must rethink traditional solutions and focus on more comprehensive water resources management programs.
At Clark Dietz, we take a global approach to water as a resource, considering the water cycle as a whole. Working together with you, we deliver innovative and sustainable solutions balancing the needs of your community with the well-being of your water resources. Every day we challenge the conventional.
 For more than 130 years, Clow Valve has been servicing its customers as one of the United States' premiere manufacturers of iron valves and hydrants for the waterworks industry. Since 1878, our facilities have grown, and they continue to be improved through capital expenditures.
Our relationships with our customers allow us to anticipate their needs, provide a superior level of service and, ultimately, help them focus on the intricacies of their business, without worrying about their experience with us. Consequently, our customers frequently see the benefits of doing business with us directly on their bottom line. Our employees, stability, lasting relationships, sound decision making and unwavering commitment to quality and customer service ensure that our customers will continue to enjoy partnering with Clow.

Clow Valve exceeds customer’s expectations every day!
The Engineering Enterprises, Inc. philosophy of putting its clients first has led to many longstanding client relationships in northern Illinois and goes hand in hand with the EEI reputation of working diligently to enhance the quality of life and improve the health and welfare of the residents in the communities we serve.
Our philosophy is a professional conviction as well as a personal issue because our staff members live in these communities, working for our families, friends and neighbors to provide innovative and cost effective infrastructure improvements.
 For nearly every project, the competing concerns of site drainage, offsite impacts and preservation of water quality must all be addressed in compliance with overlapping and sometimes conflicting federal, state and local regulations.

Gewalt Hamilton is thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the various Chicago-area county and municipal stormwater ordinances, and we regularly prepare documentation and permit submittals to meet these regulatory requirements. Our strategies combine proven stormwater management approaches with innovative naturalized systems to both reduce stormwater runoff volume and enhance downstream water quality.

 Kennedy Valve will strive to be the supplier and employer of choice by meeting or exceeding the expectations of our ...
By providing quality products on time, all the time.
100% on-time delivery
100% quality product
Continuous cost improvement

By providing a healthy and safe environment that values and appreciates each employee.
By providing job security, fair compensation and opportunity.

By being aware of the needs of our community and being responsible stewards of the environment.
Active partnership
Environmental stewardship
The first McWane foundry, McWane Pipe, was organized in 1921 in Birmingham, Alabama. Today, McWane Ductile continues to supply ductile iron pipe used in water infrastructure found in cities across America.
Our relationships with customers allow us to anticipate their needs, provide a superior level of service, and ultimately help them focus on the intricacies of their business, without worrying about their experience with us. Consequently, our customers frequently see the benefits of doing business with us directly on their bottom line.
Our employees, stability, lasting relationships, sound decision making, and unwavering commitment to quality and customer service ensure that our customers will continue to enjoy partnering with McWane Ductile as they have for over 90 years.
 M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. was founded in 1979 by Marvin E. Simpson, who started in the Water Works Industry in 1956 and spent the next 23 years working for various manufacturers of pipe, valves and water meters.M.E. Simpson Company’s mission is to provide technical services to municipal and private Water Utilities in the Midwest. In the last 20 years, the company has worked not only with many Midwestern Water Utilities, but has also helped Water Utilities throughout the United States and its territories.
Mr. Simpson also received the Indiana Section’s “Water Wheel Award” in 1989 and became a “Life” member of the American Water Works Association in 1995.
M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. provides technical services and products that are designed to aid a Water Utility in the following ways: 
Increasing Revenues
Improving Water Accountability
Heightening Distribution System Performance
Optimizing Distribution System Data

 Since 1857, the Mueller name has become known for innovative water distribution products of superior quality, many of which have become industry standards.  This leadership position has resulted in our valves or hydrants being specified in the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States.  We also provide distribution products for the natural gas industry.  Our products enable utilities to regulate the flow of water and gas as they are transmitted from source to customer.  Mueller Co. is a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, Inc. (NYSE: MWA).
We catalog thousands of items to suit the needs of virtually any water system application, and for use with any water main or service line pipe material. Mueller® Water Distribution Products are available through Authorized Mueller Stocking Distributors in all parts of the United States, and are sold around the world through qualified representatives.
 For more than 150 years, the most practical, respected and intuitive products in the water industry have been built by the company now known as Mueller Systems.
Mueller Systems offers a full line of residential, fire line and commercial meters, AMR / AMI systems and related products. We are committed to providing utilities with the
infrastructure technology needed to optimize their operations and ensure the sustainability of our water. By building on our expertise in water management, we help water utilities better manage their operations and resources.
Mueller Systems LLC is a Mueller Water Products company. Mueller Water Products has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of infrastructure and flow control
products and services for more than 150 years. Mueller Water Products is continuously developing systems and components that make collecting information easier and more beneficial to utilities and their customers.
Reed Manufacturing has been producing fine tools for worldwide professional trades since its founding, in 1896, by Carl Reed. It was purchased in 1902 by Reuben Wright with money he made selling water and hardware during the 1849 California Gold Rush, followed by successful timber businesses in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Western Pennsylvania. The company continues to be operated by his descendants in its 124th year: fifth generation members of the Wright family. Scott Wright serves as Company President while Mark Wright serves on the Board of Directors. Involved with REED in several roles for many years, Mark and Scott uphold the family traditions of product innovation, highest quality pipe tools, great customer service, a cutting edge factory, and extra value to customers.

  Every day we help utilities, cities, industrial complexes and campuses connect data, places and people in powerful new ways to do more with their infrastructure. Improve efficiency. Save money. Increase safety. Conserve resources. Promote economic development. And make a world of difference for a world of people.
  Stanley Consultants is a consulting engineering firm recognized in the engineering industry for our commitment to client service and our passion to make a difference. With a focus on energy, water, transportation and the environment, we bring global knowledge, a century of experience, and multi-disciplinary capabilities to serve our private and public clients.
Ranked as one of the world's largest consulting engineering firms, we offer you a wide range of services and capabilities in program management, planning, studies, design, architecture, environmental, urban design, and construction management.
 Established in 1946, we are a thriving corporation with 11 offices and projects in 48 states.  In 2019, we were ranked 187 out of the Top 500 Design Firms in the USA by Engineering News-Record.

Our staff consists of bright, talented professionals — individuals with diverse specialties, extensive training, and in-depth project experience.  Along with experienced professional engineers, a full complement of technical, office, and field personnel are assigned to each project team to effectively and efficiently manage every project from start to finish.

We are proud of the real value our services provide.  The fact that our relationship with many clients extends for decades clearly demonstrates the sense of satisfaction with the value our clients receive on every project we deliver.

  Trotter and Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers is a full service civil engineering firm structured to meet the growing needs of our municipal clients. TAI’s staff has the experience to resolve the complex issues brought on by increased development, a changing regulatory environment and aging infrastructure.
 USABlueBook is the recognized source of products and technical support for professional water and wastewater operators. As the company was founded by utility operators, for utility operators, it’s our goal to remain the industry’s top technical and customer service leader.

USABlueBook was founded in 1991 when a certified operator, realizing there was no single-source supplier to meet all of this product needs, decided to start a company that would do just that. It was his dedication to providing exceptional service and support to water and wastewater operators everywhere that made USABlueBook what it is today. As we continue to expand, our main goal stays the same—to make sure that all of our customers “Get the Best Treatment!”

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