Monday 10:00 AM
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Room: Diamond

Odors Associated with Stabilized Biosolids

This presentation will first focus on the fundamentals of odor generation from stabilized biosolids, including the types of nuisance odors that are commonly encountered and the conditions under which these odor compounds are generated. Then, data from laboratory and field biosolids samples will be used to associate various biosolids stabilization processes (including conventional anaerobic digestion, advanced anaerobic digestion, and biosolids composting) to their characteristic biosolids odor patterns. These patterns may be used as the basis for operational control strategies to manage the odors generated from stabilized biosolids. Finally, the presentation will describe several correlations between common performance metrics for biosolids stabilization (such as volatile solids reduction rates and pathogen inactivation rates) and the occurrence and persistence of biosolids odors. These correlations may help utilities to identify which metrics define stability with respect to odor generation from stabilized biosolids.

Moderator:  Lou Kollias


Joseph M. Gorgan, P.E. - Greeley and Hansen

Mr. Gorgan has thirty years of experience in the design and construction of new and rehabilitated wastewater treatment facilities.  He leads the firm’s Technical Services Center (TSC), which leads the firm’s initiatives in seeking out and identifying new technologies and identifying and managing project risk for clients.  He has served as project manager providing facilities planning, preliminary and final design, preparation of projected cost opinions, O&M manual preparation and office construction services.

Mr. Gorgan is also the Project Director for the replacement of existing preliminary treatment facilities at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago’s 720 mgd Westside Plant which is part of the 1,440 mgd Stickney Water Reclamation Plant, Stickney, Illinois.

Mr. Gorgan received his M.S. in Environmental Engineering and B.S. in Civil Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.