Monday 9:00 AM
Wet Weather 
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Room: Emerald

Performance of Remote Wet Weather Treatment Facilities

Remote treatment facilities are often included as part of combined sewer overflow long term control plans to reduce overflows, provide treatment of overflows, capture first flush, and reduce peak wet weather flow rates in conveyance systems. Remote treatment often has the advantage of lower cost and less disruption to the community compared to alternatives such as increasing conveyance system capacity or adding storage through large tanks or deep tunnels. However actual data on performance can be difficult to find. This presentation will discuss recent improvements to remote unmanned treatment facilities at Rock Island. The new facilities capture first flush, provide the equivalent of primary clarification and disinfect any discharges. Performance factors including energy consumption, effluent water quality, and operations labor will be presented.

Moderator:  Dan Small


Mark Ludwigson - Symbiont

Mr. Ludwigson received his B.S. in Engineering Mechanics at the University of Wisconsin –Madison, and a M.S. in Civil Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

Mr. Ludwigson has been working in the water environment industry since 2004.  Before coming to Symbiont, he was Lead Engineer for the circular clarifier product line at Siemens Water Technologies.  In his current role, Mr. Ludwigson is responsible for the design and execution of wastewater collection and treatment systems.