Monday 10:30 AM
Water Quality - Wastewater

Room: Sapphire

Upper Mississippi River Nutrient Monitoring, Occurrence, and Local Impacts: A Clean Water Act Perspective

Phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) are necessary for aquatic life, but at elevated concentrations these nutrients can lead to adverse impacts on both aquatic life and human uses of a water body. Nutrients are often cited as a water quality concern on the Upper Mississippi River (UMR), particularly in terms of the UMR’s contributions to Gulf of Mexico hypoxia. However, while Gulf hypoxia is a critical national issue, it may be less central to informing and motivating actions on a state and regional scale than local water quality impacts such as algae blooms, fish kills, and effects on drinking water supplies. This project, undertaken by the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association (UMRBA) Water Quality Task Force, brought together data and research in order to examine the status of UMR nutrient monitoring and the occurrence of nutrients, both current and historic, on the UMR. The project also investigated nutrient impacts on the UMR’s mainstream and how these affect attainment of Clean Water Act (CWA) designated uses. The project report was intended to inform the UMR states’ ongoing water quality protection and nutrient reduction efforts. As such, it presents a range of findings and recommendations for the states’ consideration, including recommendations related to monitoring, nutrient sources, impacts to CWA-designated uses, and CWA implementation.

Moderator:  Chuck Corley


Dave Hokanson - Upper Mississippi River Basin Association

Dave Hokanson is the Water Quality Program Director for the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Dave’s primary responsibilities include assisting the Association’s five member states, along with partner federal agencies, in their coordination of Clean Water Act and spill response activities on the Upper Mississippi River.  Before joining the Association in 2005, he worked for the Minnesota Department of Health and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.  Dave has Masters Degrees in Environmental Science and Public Affairs from Indiana University.