Monday 11:00 AM
Water Quality 

Room: Sapphire

Development of Multi-Media Stormwater Filter System for Nutrients Removal from Stormwater Runoff at Chicago Beaches

Non-point sources such as stormwater runoff are a well-known contributor of pollutants to near-shore beach water of Lake Michigan and other Lakes in the Great Lakes region. Nutrients washed off from the parks and other recreational land adjacent to the public beaches is one of many and probably a major factor that influence the microbial levels in beach water. High microbial (E-coli) levels detected in beach water are the primary cause of beach closures in Chicago. This US EPA-funded project is focused on development of multi-media stormwater in-ground filters that can perform efficiently for a wide range of pollutant loading and runoff flow conditions. This presentation will cover initial studies on naturally available media materials and methodology used for selection and screening of materials for our filtration system design. Physical and chemical characterization studies on selected 8 different media materials - calcite, anthracite coal, zeolite, sand, iron-oxide coated sand (IOCS), iron filings, perlite and biochar, will be presented. Comparative studies with different media materials and their nutrient removal properties from lab scale experiments will be discussed. And, finally, a design of media based in-ground filter system for a pilot study at one of Chicago's public beaches will be proposed.

Moderator:  Chuck Corley


Giridhar Prabhukumar - Illinois Institute of Technology
Sara Dastgheibi - University of Illinois at Chicago