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Policy - Travel (Revised October, 2015)
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The Illinois Section AWWA from time to time will pay for travel approved in advance for competition in events such as Tapping, Top Ops, Meter Madness. Also the Illinois Section AWWA may authorize in advance the reimbursement for travel for volunteers to travel to meetings and/or seminars that will enhance their volunteer position with the Illinois Section AWWA.

This document explains the travel policy and the procedures a volunteer traveler on official ISAWWA travel business is required to follow. The intention of the procedures is not only to codify the ISAWWA's travel policy, but also to simplify the making of travel arrangements and to help volunteers have a cost-effective and trouble-free trip.


ISAWWA volunteers on official travel are expected to be cost-conscious when spending the Section’s money and to make reasonable efforts to reduce their travel expenses. Many of the procedures described in this manual have cost-control as their objective.


It is understood that exceptions to these procedures will occasionally be required due to unique circumstances. However, exceptions must be approved by the ISAWWA Executive Directorprior to travel.


Only certain situations allow for the Section to reimburse for travel expenses. In these certain and pre-approved situations, travel is only reimbursed if the volunteer’s employer will not cover the travel expenses. The one overriding principle is that volunteers are requested to minimize, within reason, the expenses incurred in meeting attendance

1. When air travel is reimbursable, it shall be reimbursed at the "economy" or "coach" rates.


AWWA will reimburse for travel to the AWWA Winter Board meeting. Additional travel may reimbursement may be budgeted for Director and / or incoming Director and is required to be requested in advance of travel.

Travel Procedures for those Volunteers Eligible for Reimbursement

1. Traveler's Responsibility

The traveler should submit an ISAWWA expense report to the Executive Director within 15 working days. Original receipts for accepted air travel, hotel, and other costs over $25 must be attached, except taxi cab receipts must be submitted for charges over $10. A copy of the itinerary is not an adequate substitute. The original airline ticket receipt or e-ticket receipt must be submitted.

2. Reimbursement Policy

ISAWWA will reimburse expenses that are actual, reasonable, and necessary. Airfare will be reimbursed only at the lowest (advance purchase) rates unless the Executive Director authorizes an exception. ISAWWA is responsible for paying all approved expenses within 10 working days after receiving a properly completed expense report form. Failure to attach required receipts may result in delay of processing.

3. Ground Travel

a. Personal Automobiles: Out-of- Town Use

If a volunteer elects to use a personal automobile in lieu of air transportation, reimbursement will only extend to the cost of air travel as presented elsewhere in this policy. Volunteers are required to properly insure personal vehicles and are not covered by the Association's insurance.

b. Ground transportation should be utilized in the following order:

1. Use complimentary hotel shuttle when available.
2. Use commercial shuttle when available.
3. Use taxi with others attending the same meeting when possible.
4. Use taxi alone as last resort. All taxi charges in excess of $10 must include a receipt.

c. Auto Rental

Rental cars may be used when it is determined to be the most cost effective or efficient form of transportation. Pre-approval by the Executive Director is required. The least expensive car to fulfill business needs should be rented. Receipts must accompany all rental car charges, including any gas or oil charges. A corporate rate discount must always be requested. Traffic or parking violations while using a rental car on Association business are not reimbursable. Insurance is provided through the renters personal insurance, so rental agency collision and liability damages waiver payments are not reimbursable expenses. Liability for any car rental remains the responsibility of the volunteer who rents the car.

Accidents: If a traveler is involved in an accident in a rental car, all forms required by the rental agency should be completed. If a traveler is involved in an accident in a personal car, the cost involved for damages or claims is the traveler's responsibility.

This constitutes the liability of the Section regarding rental car use and no verbal, implied or written representation shall constitute a change of this policy unless adopted by the board and reflected in these Governing Documents.

2. Accommodations

a. Lodging arrangements for volunteers on official ISAWWA business will be made by the individual with the pre-approval of the Executive Director.

b. Lodging cancellations: Individuals traveling are required to guarantee payment for all "no show" reservations and the traveler is responsible for canceling the reservation. Any no-show charges will not be reimbursed.

c.  Lodging is to be reimbursed at no greater cost than the standard room rate at the conference hotel unless approved in advance by Executive Director.


3. Meals Reimbursement

a. Individuals who request reimbursement for meal expenses while traveling on behalf of the Section will be reimbursed no greater than the maximum amount per day based upon the U.S. General Services Administration per diem rate.  The per diem  schedule which can be viewed at website for the destination of travel. Receipts shall be submitted for all meals and are the basis of reimbursement.


4. Incidentals

a. Non-reimbursable expenses are those that are not authorized. These include but are not limited to: in-room movies; alcoholic beverages, earphone and movie rentals; life and additional travel insurance beyond that routinely available through the traveler's credit card, meals for other people, late check out fee.

Reimbursable expenses may include:

Reasonable porter services.
Tolls and parking for reimbursable personal and rental cars.

5. Entertainment is not an authorized expenditure for volunteers on official ISAWWA business.

6. Vacations - Combined Business and Personal Trips: Only business expenses may be reimbursed.


Volunteer Meeting Reports

When an individual is attending a training event or meeting on behalf of the Section it is requested the attendee provide a copy of the agenda or handouts provided at the meeting in order to establish a minimum synopsis of what was covered at the meeting. This information will be maintained by the ISAWWA Executive Director for future use by new officers/committee chairs to assist with transitional institutional memory. Should printed handouts not be available, a brief (one page) written report covering the date of the meeting and general discussion/action items discussed should be submitted. This request would not pertain to those events where multiple representatives from the Section are attending (i.e. Regional Officers Meeting, Summer Workshop etc…).


The Section would also encourage the participant to consider providing an article to be included in SPLASH regarding their meeting/training for the benefit of the entire membership, but this is not required.

Adopted by the Illinois Section Board of Directors - January 2011
Revised by the Illinois Section Board Of directors - July 2013


(Revised 2016)

Participants requesting housing stipend and complimentary registration.
A full registration without meals will be given to participants, as well as a $60.00 per night reimbursement will be granted to those who follow the guidelines below.

1. Must be a current ISAWWA individual member or employee of an organizational member prior to Feb 15th deadline of early registration.
2. Each contest allows one night stipend of $60.00 per competitor.  To collect the $60.00, proof of the cost of a room needs to be emailed to the Section office with an expense form completed.  It is preferred that we reimburse the employers.  Participants are eligible for more than one contest and would be eligible for multiple stipends. 
3. Competitors must sign up to compete prior to Feb 15th.
4. Competitors that sign up prior to Feb 15th will receive full complimentary registration with meals.  

Timely submission

All expense reports with receipts need to be submitted within 30 days after completion of travel.  Travel expense reports are available from the Section office or utility required reports are generally accepted.


ACE Competitor Reimbursement
(Revised October, 2015)


Hotel - Teams that have an origin of travel less than 50 miles from the competition site will be reimbursed for travel  and food costs only and not eligible for hotel rooms.  If there is an AWWA designated block of rooms for competitors, teams from outside the 50 mile radius will be required to stay at that designated hotel in order to qualify for hotel reimbursement.   The number of room nights eligible for reimbursement is:  Tapping teams - 3 nights,   Top Ops,  Meter Madness and Hydrant Hysteria - 2 nights.  If a person is competing in multiple contests, the maximum number of room nights reimbursable is 3.    Hotel costs will be reimbursed after submission of receipt.  The maximum amount of reimbursement is the listed price on the AWWA website for standard housing costs at the Headquarters hotel unless there is a designated hotel and block for competitors. 

Travel costs -  Participants will be reimbursed the lower of 1)actual travel costs or 2) government mileage rate from origin to contest destination for trips within Illinois.  For travel outside of Illinois, participants will be reimbursed the standard  coach advanced purchased airfare if they choose to drive their own vehicle.    Air travel reservations should be booked a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of contest.  If you are unable to make that deadline, notify the Exec. Dir that you are awaiting travel approval from your municipality. 

Meals - Meals will be reimbursed upon submission of detailed receipts.  The daily limit is the government per diem rate.  Receipts need to be detailed and show the number of persons and food ordered.  Alcohol is not reimbursable.  Food reimbursement is strictly for the competitor and not any accompanying travel partners. Meals will be provided for each day of travel.   Example:  A Top Ops competitor would have meals on the day of travel to ACE, the day of competition, and the day of travel home. 

Timely submission - All expense reports with receipts need to be submitted within 30 days after completion of travel.  Travel expense reports are available from the Section office or utility required reports are generally accepted. 

All competitors are required to be ISAWWA members prior to the competition to be eligible for reimbursement. 

All other volunteer travel policies are in effect, such as using hotel shuttles as first option from the airport and renting a car as a last resort.



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