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One AWWA Operator Scholarship
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One AWWA Operator Scholarship  |  Download Scholarship Brochure
Illinois Section American Water Works Association (ISAWWA) is dedicated to safe and sustainable water for Illinois.  We realize that water is a limited precious resource and we need to protect it as our life depends on it.   From potable water to wastewater, we are your "total water" resource.  ISAWWA’s mission is to provide resources for the management and advocacy of safe and sustainable water.

Recognizing that water is the basic element of life, ISAWWA values are:    
•  Act with integrity and transparency
•  Dedicated to water stewardship
•  Encourage careers in the water industry
•  Foster collaboration, diversity and professionalism
•  Promote public confidence and satisfaction
•  Protect public health
•  Provide value

The ISAWWA Outreach Committee’s specific mission is to educate the general public on the essential functions and importance of the water industry, the water cycle and water treatment, and career paths in the water industry.  In fulfillment of the mission, the committee is pleased to announce The One AWWA Operator Scholarship Award.The Illinois Section will award up to $2000.00 in scholarships for Operator Training. ($1000.00 from ISAWWA with a match of $1000.00 from AWWA National)


Purpose of the One AWWA Operator Scholarship Award
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an additional 7,000 water and wastewater operators will be needed over the next decade. As technology becomes even more complicated, so will the demands on operators. The One AWWA Operator Scholarship addresses the present and future workforce need for operators by providing training and educational funding.

The One AWWA Operator Scholarship is funded through a matching fund from AWWA’s The Water Equation Campaign and participating Sections .

AWWA’s The Water Equation and the Illinois Section will award the One AWWA Operator Scholarship up to the amount of $2,000 for Water Operating training and education annually.  This $2,000 can be divided among multiple applicants as determined by the scholarship award selection team.

Scholarship awards can be used for certification/licensure, two-year related associate degree, technical school program, professional training program, books and manuals, and operator related conferences focused on water, wastewater, and/or stormwater.


•  Applicant must be a current water or wastewater operator or seeking to enter the water, wastewater, or stormwater profession.

•  Applicant must be seeking a certification/licensure, two-year related associate degree, technical school program, professional training program, books and manuals, and/or operator related conferences/training focused on water, wastewater, and/or stormwater

•  Disbursement of the funds will be made directly by the Illinois Section of ISAWWA to the financial office of recipient’s college, university, or technical school.  The award recipient will be responsible for providing all payment information to ISAWWA and shall allow 45 to 60 days for payment.

•  Items related to books, manuals, conferences, professional development courses, and other eligible expenses will be reimbursed to recipient upon presentation of eligible receipts.

•  Applicant must reside or work within the State of Illinois.


• Immediate family members of ISAWWA staff are not eligible to receive scholarship funds.


•  Acceptance of scholarship constitutes permission to use recipient’s name and scholarship story for purpose of promotion.


Please fill out the application below to be considered for an One AWWA Operator Scholarship Award.  Deadline for consideration is June 30th and Dec. 30th annually. 

Please answer the information below about your license

Please give us information about your Membership status

Scholarships awarded by the ISAWWA Outreach Committee require recipients to fulfill certain criteria while they hold the scholarship. The criteria for your scholarship require you to:

1. Meet the prerequisites of the course in which you are enrolled at the time the scholarship is awarded (if applicable).

2. Scholarship applicants must have a permanent address in Illinois and/or attend accredited schools or certification programs in Illinois.

3. Applicants may be interviewed by the selection committee for further consideration. The selection committee will contact the applicant if an interview is necessary to arrange a meeting time and location.

4. If selected, the applicant will be required to provide any additional information required by the AWWA.

If you agree to accept and meet the application criteria, please sign the bottom portion of this sheet and return it to the ISAWWA Outreach Committee along with your completed application and all supporting documents.

I accept the scholarship application criteria offered to me by the AWWA The Water Equation Campaign and the Illinois Section of AWWA Outreach Committee for 2018. I also understand that I must meet the above requirements for the scholarship I am awarded before the funds will be dispersed. Further, I realize that if I fail to fulfill this requirement I forfeit my scholarship award.

If you, the applicant are under 18 years of age at the end of the calendar year of which you are applying please have your parent or guardian complete the information below.

• One page essay indicating why you have chosen your career, career objectives and how this scholarship will enhance your ability for professional development and bring value to the water, wastewater, and/or stormwater industry.
In addition to this form, please upload or mail the following documents to: Illinois Section AWWA, 545 S. Randall Road, St. Charles, IL 60174.

o Resume (Required)
o Two letters of reference from instructors/professors, employers and/or representatives of a service organization you are currently affiliated with. Each letter must be submitted in a sealed enveloped with the author's initials along the seal (Required)
o High School Transcript, demonstrating a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 (Optional)
o Technical school/certification courses (if applicable) (Optional)

Essay 35%
o Desire to Sustain a Career in the Water, Wastewater, or Stormwater Related Fields in the State of Illinois
o Future education and career goals
o Grammar, organization, style, vocabulary

Merit 35%
o Experience in water, wastewater, and/or stormwater related field
o Demonstration of taking initiative to learn more about the field and desire to succeed
o Veterans who have served the USA

Recommendation Letters 15%
o Two required
o Sealed and signed

Leadership 15%
o Extracurricular activities
o Community service/volunteering
o Technical/professional groups
o Employment
Please note that applicants are responsible for submitting all required materials. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed, nor will applicants be contacted to request missing materials.
• All scholarship applications and supporting documentation must be postmarked to submitted online by June 30 and Dec 31st annually.

• The scholarship money is required to be distributed and/or used within twelve (12) months of the award. If the scholarship awardee fails to utilize the funds within a twelve (12) month period, then the scholarship money will default back to AWWA and ISAWWA as applicable.
If you have any questions, regarding this scholarship application, please email or phone 866-521-3595. ext. 1.

If you have additional information to submit after the application form has been filled out, please email that information to or mail to Illinois Section AWWA, 545 S. Randall Road, St. Charles, IL 60174.

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