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Carbon Dioxide Product Survey

At our utility, we utilize carbon dioxide for the recarbonation of lime softened water. We have had issues over the last couple of years in securing multiple bids for the carbon dioxide product. The bids we do receive typically contain a letter of force majeure that limits the liability of the company providing the product in the event of a market shortage.

We are interested in receiving feedback from other ISAWWA members about any issues they have had over the last two or three years with the carbon dioxide market. Specific questions include:

1. Do you procure carbon dioxide through an annual bid letting or another means?

2. If you bid a carbon dioxide contract, how many bidders typically respond to your bid letting?

3. Do bidders typically insert force majeure language as an exception to your standard contract language?

4. How do you determine the total amount of carbon dioxide product delivered to your bulk storage tanks? Do you utilize the delivery truck meter or other means?

5. How many and what size storage tanks do you have at your facility? How many gallons per day is your plant capacity?  How many days storage do you believe you have on-site at daily average and daily maximum flows?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.



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